Friday, August 5, 2011

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+I am glad to say that I took my French translation final exam today and have already learned that I passed. That means I have just one more language exam to pass (Greek, most likely), and I'll be done with the formal language requirements for my program! In theory, there is no reason that I shouldn't have this done by Christmas...

+I had a lovely tea with a friend this week, and among other things, we talked about writing. It has been so many years since I really focused on writing any fiction; since I was a college freshman, really. I suppose there are a few reasons why I stopped, but one of them is that I felt I simply lost my creative touch. It's hard to write stories when you can no longer spin plots with the ease of an eight-year-old. I've done other types of writing (obviously...I'm a grad student, plus I've done journaling/blogging-type writing for years!), but I have never stopped imagining that someday, I'd rediscover my knack and write a novel or three. After this week's conversation, though, I just might feel inspired to tackle something less ambitious in the short term. What will it hurt to write a couple of silly short stories if it makes me happy, and gets me thinking in those ways again?

+We also talked about the need for more theologically solid devotional writing for women, by women. This is something I've been thinking about for awhile. Just because some traditional "women's ministry" types of things don't appeal to me very much doesn't give me any right to turn up my nose at such work. I know there is good stuff out there I haven't encountered yet...and I'd love to put my theological studies and writing ability to good use, for the sake of other Christian women and for the whole Church, if I possibly could.

+Speaking of Christian women I admire, my good friend Becki has also started a blog recently, which I am enjoying a lot. In time, I will certainly consider trying some of the ideas she shares...such as signing up with a local crop share to get fresh veggies. What I'd love best would be if my family could start a garden of our own. Someday!

+It is actually 79ยบ right now! I can hardly remember the last time it was this "cool," even at night. We've had temperatures in the upper 90s and even low 100s for weeks now, without rain. Today, finally, we had a most excellent downpour. I would have appreciated it even more if I hadn't been hauling two bags' worth of library books and a laptop across campus at the time.

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  1. I admire you too Sarah... I'm glad to be better connected to you this way! I've missed seeing/talking to/sharing letters with you!