Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A glimpse of my domain

One of the things my university does well is that the grounds crew keeps our urban campus beautifully landscaped, every season of the year. I have really come to appreciate this.

If you were in St. Louis and ever came to visit me on campus (which would very possibly make my day, or week), this is probably the first spot I'd show you. It's a perfect place for a picnic and conversation (my friend R. and I meet there often). There are even goldfish!

There are also lots of nice fountains--four I can think of offhand. This one's actually a series of cascading pools, though that didn't come through in my shot.

Some of the architecture is lovely. This mansion is more than 120 years old and can be toured, apparently, though I have yet to venture inside myself.

Here is a palm tree. Yes! A palm tree! In Missouri!

So this is pretty funny. Every late spring/summer and into the early part of the fall, these large planters contain awkward-looking little palms. Throughout the rest of the year, they contain evergreen trees. On Tuesday, I finally got to see how this mysterious exchange occurs. It basically involves a gigantic truck and crane occupying the width of the West Pine Mall, hoisting the pines, and plopping the seasonally appropriate trees into place. It all seems a touch indulgent to me, but I have to admit, I smile each time I walk past them.

This is where I work. It's...not one of the more inspiring edifices on campus.

Neither is our office, which is totally a locked room in a basement. Fittingly ascetic, right?

My cubicle.

It's nice to know that when I emerge from the grad student dungeon (which I do, sometimes, I promise), there are some pretty things to look at. (As long as you avoid the heinous statues...but that's for another post.)

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  1. Loved this little glimps into your campus. :) Hope I can someday visit you there. <3