Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How we got here, in brief (really).

My husband and I have just celebrated an anniversary. Our third, to be exact. It's hard to believe, sometimes, that even that little space of time has elapsed.

You've probably heard some variation on the story before, but here's a rough outline of how we happened:

2005-2006: Sarah and Kevin meet as YDS newbies. We discover things in common, such as a shared interest in patristics and a similar church background, and attend meetings of the Evangelical Fellowship together. But Sarah is bemused by Kevin's (very opposite) personality and avoids conversation as often as not.
Fall, 2006: Sarah and Kevin talk more, and Sarah slowly grows more comfortable and begins to consider Kevin a good friend. To the point that she feels surprisingly sad when she gathers that he isn't interested in dating her (and she thought she was being so subtle about things!).
Spring, 2007: Some things shift, and after some casual dates/hanging out and a slightly ambiguous period, we become a couple "officially" on May 2.
Summer, 2007: Kevin is working in upstate New York, Sarah's at Yale. We exchange old-fashioned letters and read Anglican Evening Prayer most nights over the phone. By summer's end, we're pretty resolved on marriage.
October 24: Engaged! (Kevin, now graduated, flies in from California for the proposal.)
July 26, 2008: Married!

Then we lived in California for about two years. Now we're going into our second year in Missouri.

Here's a picture of the famous corner near Yale where we held hands for the first time and where Kevin proposed less than six months later:

I like that corner. It's a good spot. :-)

Our first anniversary was spent along the southern Oregon coast and our second at a B&B overlooking the Mississippi. This year we opted to stay in town and have tea. I think it might have been my favorite anniversary date yet. And so very us.


  1. Happy Anniversary you 2.

  2. looove the tea idea! It's so romantic, tea is, I wish I liked it!!