Sunday, July 24, 2011

“There are two ways of getting home; and one of them is to stay there.” –G.K. Chesterton

I admit, I've been feeling a little envious lately of friends who've had the opportunity to live and travel abroad in recent years. It's been seven years since my sojourn in Scotland. I am a bit restless.

That's when it's good for me to remember how blessed I've been to spend more than a few weeks overseas at all. And that the past ten years have afforded me opportunities to live and travel all over the United States -- much of that in just the last three years, beside my husband.

The map above traces our shared travels since 2007 (so, yes, there's a little bit from dating days). As you can see (at least somewhat -- the purple markings don't show up so well), we've traveled up and down pretty much the entire coast of California (and most of Oregon). Last year's move took us across the Southwest and Texas, up through respectable swathes of the Midwest, connecting us back to Pennsylvania and bits of the upper South.

We definitely have our work cut out for us. In particular, I am longing to spend some time in the Mountain West. I also wouldn't mind seeing more of the upper Midwest, and the deeper South -- certainly more of Appalachia. Perhaps someday we'll be able to add a colorfully marked world map to the California and United States ones currently decorating our apartment. Or at least a map of North America. I hear Canada's pretty big as well. :)

However, looking at this map brings me happiness and perspective. We've gotten to see and share so much during our few years together. And we've been led to St. Louis, where we are able to set down some roots, for now. I am happy to remain anchored here and learn contentment in our little spot in the Midwest -- though, you can be sure, my daydreams will venture further afield.


  1. I hear you have some Canadian friends who could act as tour guides. I hear "road trip" in our future (once we get out of the "screaming hungry baby" stage of course). :-)